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We assist the Transport & Supply Chain industry to optimise operations & adopt best practice through change management and business transformation. Enabling organisations to avoid challenges, deliver opportunities and accelerate evolution by creating resilient & sustainable networks.

Many organisations in the Transport & Supply Chain Industry are transforming their operations in the face of significant pressure to maintain profit margins due spiralling operating expenditure, resulting from:

Furthermore, there is a requirement to circumnavigate:

Given these extreme market conditions, organisations operating in this industry are utilising change management and business transformation processes to overcome these circumstances and drive sustainable improvement.

For a business like ours these issues aren’t new, we’ve been helping organisations overcome these challenges for nearly two decades and our team have devoted their careers to instilling the virtues of transport & supply chain business transformation. By cooperating, sharing and achieving client goals, we are able to maximise optimisation and surpass customer expectations.

Whatever challenges you are facing, our team is here to help, pushing boundaries, building capability and supporting the adoption of innovative, agile & customer centric operating models which collectively deliver rapid & sustainable improvement.

Businesses operating in the transport and supply chain industry are relied upon by their clients to operate with agility, cost-effectiveness, and responsiveness to change. Such characteristics are vital in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, both of which have forced organisations onto the back foot, requiring them to adapt to change and embrace new ways of working.

Supply chains are becoming increasingly global, complex, and convoluted structures, resulting in numerous occurrences in which value can escape, resulting from mistakes, delays, unnecessary costs, inefficiency & poor communication. It is therefore no surprise that many transport & supply chain operations don’t meet their optimum potential.

The constant requirement to maximise operational efficiency has resulted in the need to improve supply-chain maturity with many organisations needing to restructure their services. However, for firms operating in broader supply chains, this can be an exceptionally complex process.

Regardless of your supply chain maturity, we can help drive value & seize competitive advantage through our transport sector change management services. We have supported various organisations from a wide range of sectors to optimise their operations, overcome capacity constraints, resolve margin pressures, and embrace the latest technologies. Ultimately, we build capability and facilitate strategic ambition, creating truly resilient, customer centric operations, which are differentiated, efficient and affordable.


We understand the unique challenges associated with the transport & supply chain industry, and can support organisations improve operational performance, reduce cost, improve speed, increase fulfilment and optimise network delivery through change management and business transformation.

Our support comprises:

We also offer guidance and assistance on key business transformation processes, such as:

  • Enhanced improvement:
    • Process Improvement
    • Asset Optimisation
    • Operational Planning & Support
    • Business Intelligence
    • Metric Management
    • Lean Operations
  • We support Technology & Innovation adoption, including:
    • Internet of Things
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Blockchain
    • Automation & Robotics
    • Last Mile Delivery
    • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Demand forecasting & alignment to ensure efficient utilisation of assets & inventory, balancing service standards & working capital to reduce operating costs and improve service standards.
  • Outsourcing, insourcing and third / fourth party operations provision & transition.
  • Strategic planning and deployment including merger and integration alignment support.
  • Supporting companies through leadership transition, facilitating seamless handover and succession planning.
  • Leading capability development and the providing specialist interim resource.


We have extensive experience in providing tailored support to all range of Transport & Supply Chain organisations, including:

  • Cargo companies.
  • Delivery service providers.
  • Freight and haulage service providers.
  • Logistics companies.
  • Maritime and port operators.
  • Postal and courier services.
  • Warehousing, storage and handling businesses.
  • Passenger & public transport operations.
  • Key stakeholders

No matter the size of your organisation, or what kind of challenges you are facing, Linea will go above & beyond to ensure the best & most sustainable outcome, delivering the change required to achieve great things.


The integration, involvement and information collaboration between Procurement and IT has facilitated improved team working and planning across the organisation

Programme Director
International Airline

The teams knowledge and expertise helped us to transform our global supply chain. The programme was fundamental in identifying much needed efficiencies and cost savings within our supply chain.

Programme Director
Global Aerospace Components

This was a very challenging project, with numerous political and environmental challenges to manage.  Linea’s automotive expertise enabled us to significantly improve storage capacity and operational efficiency.

Logistics Director
Automotive Manufacturer

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RDC Design

A global company supplying the automotive and shipping industries with handling, storage and related service was under pressure to service its existing business operations.  Consequently they struggled to free-up resource to manage time consuming bid proposals, in order to win new business from automotive manufacturers.


An example of our Interim Management Professionals, adept in supporting clients in solving problems, managing complex challenges and delivering sustainable change.

Ian Chambers

Mark Taylor

David Axon

Dirk Lembregts




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