From the doctor’s clinic to the operating theatre and at every point throughout the patient pathway, we help healthcare clients to deliver more effective, efficient, and affordable care through change management and business transformation.

Healthcare change management is vital at a time when organisations are facing unprecedented challenges, resulting in leaders juggling multi-dimensional problems through the need to do more with less.

Our experienced team understands these issues first-hand and provides focused healthcare change management support to solve problems, drive transformational change and achieve the best possible outcomes for clients and patients.

We provide strategic guidance and business transformation support to healthcare organisations to help them redesign and improve processes, ensuring they are truly patient-centric. We achieve this by guiding teams through a significant and carefully balanced programme of system and organisational transformation, to sustainably resolve short and medium-term problems and create a solid foundation for future growth.

The health and social care sectors have faced operational challenges for several years, due to budgetary constraints and a demanding push for continual efficiency gains. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has further amplified these historic issues, resulting in significant caseloads and backlogs leading to workflow challenges and strain within teams.

The cessation of elective service provision at the height of the pandemic has meant that in many counties, more than 10% of the population are awaiting treatment. Care providers are having to tackle these backlogs, while working within budgets that were set three years earlier, without the realities of the pandemic in mind, resulting in increased spending and reduced governance.

Similarly, their workforces are often not large enough to cope with these challenges, leading to staff exhaustion and the need for yet more additional expenditure on overtime and shift payments.

At Linea, we have years of experience delivering change management support for the healthcare sector and appreciate the unique challenges they face. We believe every organisation has infinite potential, and we will provide the tailored guidance and firsthand support you need to deliver a sustainable model of care for the communities you serve.


We understand how these difficult & complex challenges can be overcome. Which is why we work closely with organisations to deliver effective change management solutions which address the root causes of these problems. This includes:

  • Developing a coherent approach to backlog management by maximising existing utilisation, enhancing productivity & identifying additional ways to create new capacity by ‘sweating assets’, while developing innovative working processes, which transform culture.
  • Bringing spending cultures and unsustainable expenditure back under control through a careful balance of operational understanding and sound financial planning.
  • Helping healthcare organisations develop a more agile and flexible organisational culture, adept at quickly understanding and resolving complex problems through periods of unprecedented challenge.
  • Creating a plan for managing workforce capacity and expanding the resource pool to meet demand, taking into account the need to avoid overworking frontline staff and the longer-term impact of Brexit on the free movement of international labour.

We understand that the strength of the healthcare sector and the health of the nation are directly linked. Therefore, we are committed to helping these organisations to successfully transform their operations and overcome current challenges, in order to ensure a bright future of responsive, efficient, affordable and patient-centred care for all.


We have delivered successful and sustainable change management solutions for health and social care organisations of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Healthcare sector regulators
  • Care home operators
  • NHS Trusts and hospitals
  • Clinical Commission Groups
  • Integrated / Accountable Care Organisations
  • General Practice
  • Medical laboratories and research organisations
  • Public healthcare providers
  • Voluntary and not-for-profit health organisations
  • Key stakeholders

No matter the size of your organisation, or what kind of challenges you are facing, Linea will go above & beyond to ensure the best & most sustainable outcome, delivering the change required to achieve great things.


Linea’s knowledge and expertise has been fundamental in supporting the organisation to deliver its recovery plan. The team’s professional, hardworking and thorough approach has enabled them to engage at all levels of the organisation, providing unparalleled advice, clarity and challenge to the Board and Senior Team.

Chief Executive Officer

Through Linea’s support we delivered our in-year recovery plan, offset significant cost pressures and achieved our revised forecast. I would recommend Linea to other organisations requiring Turnaround support.

Chief Executive Officer
Acute Specialist Hospital

Linea provided sound support, advice and challenge to the division, enabling a robust CIP to be developed and a number of longstanding issues to be resolved. The approach was calm, professional, thorough and detail driven, enabling ease of decision making. I would recommend them to other organisations requiring transformation support.

Divisional Director
Adult Acute Care

Linea’s  Knowledge  and  expertise  has  been  fundamental  in  supporting  the  Trust  in  understanding  the  financial challenges  and  developing  a  robust  recovery  programme  to  address  them.  Their  professional,  hardworking  and thorough approach has enabled them to engage at all levels of the organisation, providing unparalleled advice, clarity and challenge to the Trust Board, Senior Management Team and Operational Divisions, whilst providing the requisite communication and assurance to NHSI

Chief Executive Officer
Acute General Hospital

We faced a very difficult task to balance the budget and needed to thoroughly review all our procurement costs to secure significant savings if we were not to be forced to cut staffing levels.  Linea took us through a very structured process that realised a significant amount of money without disrupting service levels and allowed us to retain the majority of our staff’

General Manager – Radiology Director
NHS Hospital

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Intensive Care

A regional Urgent Care, Major Trauma and Tertiary Centre struggling to balance its financial position and deliver key operational metrics, engaged Linea to design, implement and manage a Turnaround & Transformation Programme to deliver a financial surplus, align with NHSI recommendations and provide board assurance.


An example of our Interim Management Professionals, adept in supporting clients in solving problems, managing complex challenges and delivering sustainable change.

Ian Chambers

Mark Taylor

Margaret Pratt

Elaine Strachan-Hall

Dr Deborah Kendall




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