Automotive Expertise Steers Shipping Company Growth

Providing support to a global company supplying the automotive and shipping industries with handling, storage and related service. The company operates from 14 major ports in the UK to service over 1600 shipping vessels per annum and handles over 1.5m vehicles per annum.


Our client was under pressure to service its existing business operations.  Consequently they struggled to free-up resource to manage time consuming bid proposals, in order to win new business from automotive manufacturers.


Utilise Linea’s extensive Automotive knowledge and expertise to manage the creation of bid proposals on their behalf.


Project one

Design and cost a quality management and auditing operation.

Manage the bid proposal to run a third party operation on behalf of an international automotive manufacturer.

Project two

Design and cost a Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) operation.

Manage the bid proposal to run the operation on behalf of an internal automotive manufacturer.

Project three

Design and cost an RDC operation.

Manage the bid proposal to outsource and run an existing in-house operation from a major international automotive manufacturer.

Manage a market test to run a third party operation on behalf of a major UK handling and storage company.

Linea has an excellent knowledge of the automotive industry, which we can call upon to assist us in managing and resolving key challenges as they arise. Access to their support helps us to overcome the short-term pressures that these situations can create.” General Manager – Automotive Distribution 




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