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We deliver smart, tailored business improvement and change management support, assisting the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors drive demand, generate loyalty & enhance customer / stakeholder value.

Change management and business transformation for the Hospitality, Leisure and Retail industry should be seen as a key priority, given the tough trading conditions faced by the sector for many years. Despite these challenges the sector has seen continued growth, notwithstanding the significant constraints beguiling particular markets. However, the impact of the global pandemic and Brexit have placed immense operational, financial, and emotional pressure on the industry, resulting in organisations needing to manage.

Overcoming such adversity requires a structured and pragmatic approach to hospitality, leisure and retail industry change management, supported by an experienced and capable team.

In an industry defined by rapid innovation, shifting consumer behaviours and disruptive market entrants, having access to the right improvement team is essential. Fortunately, we are specialists who are expert in dealings with such challenges and can provide the insight and help you need to succeed.

We have assisted many organisations in implementing change management strategies to help them resolve their challenges, enhance value, and achieve their strategic objectives to ensure sustainable long-term success.

Whether you are looking to restructure your organisation, reduce costs, manage a key transition, or adapt to new processes, see what we can do for you!

A proactive approach to business transformation is essential in the leisure, hospitality and retail sectors, where success is dependent on economic sentiment and consumer confidence.

The economic uncertainty and social constraints associated with the pandemic have presented new and increasing pressures, which require improved brand equity, service quality and value for money for businesses to remain competitive. Strong and robust distribution channels are essential, as is direct consumer engagement through technology and social platforms.

We maintain a strong awareness of changing sector trends, understanding the key issues affecting the market and the opportunities for organisations operating within it.

Our knowledge and expertise span the industry spectrum. whether you’re an SME, multi-site, regional, national or international operation we are ideally placed to provide the support you require to succeed.

We take time to understand your business objectives and align these with market changes, challenges, & opportunities, so that we can help you to succeed and stay ahead of the competition.


Whether your business is seeking to overcome an immediate operational challenge, implement a rapid transition to a new business model or reorganise under new leadership, Linea has the industry expertise to provide you with holistic support throughout the change management process.

We can support your organisation in the following ways:

  • Driving profitable demand by attracting more guests / customers across a broader demographic.
  • Generating loyalty & engagement by creating amazing experiences, which provide satisfaction and value to ensure guests / customers return.
  • Improving operational efficiency to provide enhanced services at a more cost effective rate.
  • Helping your organisation plan and implement a change in its core service, such as a transition from an on-premises business model to online sales.
  • Embracing innovative new technologies and digital tools for coordinating sales, customer relationships and workforce management.
  • Strategic planning and deployment including merger and integration alignment support.
  • Supporting companies through leadership transition, facilitating seamless handover and succession planning.
  • Leading capability development and the provision of specialist interim resource.
  • Advising, planning, and preparing for legislative, political & economic changes which are likely to have a transformative impact.
  • Ensuring that key changes to your operating model are successfully communicated to employees, customers, and other stakeholders, in a way that secures their full buy-in.


Our expertise enables us to provide comprehensive change management and business transformation support across the spectrum of businesses operating in the Hospitality, Leisure & Retail sectors:

  • Contract caterers
  • Entertainment venues & leisure attractions
  • Travel & Tourism organisations
  • Gyms & Health Clubs
  • Gambling, Gaming & Amusement Operators
  • Hotel groups
  • Pubs and restaurants
  • Sports organisations
  • Retailers
  • Key stakeholders

Regardless of business size, focus, structure, or operating environment we have you covered.


The results speak for themselves. We have increased sales, reduced cancelled orders and improved customer satisfaction. I look forward to replicating these results using Continuous Improvement methodologies in other parts of the operation.

Director of Sales & Marketing
National Trade Tools & Hardware Supplier

I enjoyed the programme and thought that the coach explained content very well. We will be able to improve our operation with this knowledge.

General Manager
National Supermarket Chain

We can help your business.

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Certified & Motivated

A market leading UAE retailer of consumer goods including foodstuffs and household items with an immediate requirement for a programme of Lean Six Sigma coaching to both Green and Black Belt level to drive and support organisational efficiency.


An example of our Interim Management Professionals, adept in supporting clients in solving problems, managing complex challenges and delivering sustainable change.

Ian Chambers

Mark Taylor

Claire Schneider-Williams




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