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We help aviation, aerospace and defence organisations achieve lift off through intelligent business improvement and change management support, helping them deliver lasting change and a sustainable future.

Ever since the pioneering days of the Wright Brothers and the trailing blazing exploits of Aldrin & Armstrong, the aviation, aerospace and defence industry has built an enviable record of achievement, operating at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement.

The sector has literally transformed modern mobility, enabling globalisation and facilitating consumerisation. Its therefore no surprise that it has continued to expand in recent decades to meet soaring demand requiring a significant focus on intelligent change management and business transformation processes.

This is particularly important given that the industry is closely correlated to global pressures, which significantly influence the market. As such, there are numerous challenges which need to be circumnavigated, including:

Surviving & thriving in these difficult market conditions requires a combination of deep industry understanding, supported by the ability to harness innovation and facilitate sustainable transformation.

At Linea, we are committed to supporting organisations resolve complex problems, harness limitless potential and push boundaries in air, space & defence, via change management and business transformation processes that can unlock the full potential of your capabilities, technology, and talent.

Working in partnership, we help clients answer their most pressing questions, such as:

Our unique approach to change management for the aerospace and aviation industries combines a deep understanding of sector dynamics with advanced analytics and an unparalleled network of experts. We assist clients build internal capability, improve operational visibility and transform work processes in order to help their organisations progress further, faster.

The aviation, aerospace and defence sector is facing a period of unprecedented challenge and rapid change. The global pandemic and mounting environmental/regulatory obligations have changed the face of the industry, with increased customer expectations and budgetary pressures also playing their part.

Collectively, these pressures have forced organisations to review their operations, pivot their strategic plans and innovatively reposition operating models to ensure business survival and ongoing future success.

Furthermore, there are a number of megatrends influencing the wider market, such as:

  • The increased focus on environmental sustainability and drive towards net-zero.
  • The adoption of electric & hydrogen fuel sources.
  • Investment in urban air mobility, using passenger drones to aid inter-city travel.
  • New entrants driving space tourism and the paradigm shift from government to private sector led space exploration programmes.

Whether your business is operating in traditional markets or trailblazing megatrends, our change management team is here to help. We work in partnership, supporting your teams to adapt, harness and embrace these changes, revitalising talent and competency based management strategies, reviewing product portfolio, adjusting global footprints, streamlining operations, and ensuring agile cost structures.

We are at the forefront in supporting organisations navigate these complexities, from succeeding through crises, to identifying, exploiting growth and efficiency opportunities or structuring and managing major transformation initiatives, We bring deep industry expertise, aligned with cutting-edge strategic advice and hands-on operational improvements in order to disseminate knowledge, build capability and drive stakeholder value.


As an experienced and proactive partner adept at devising and delivering change management solutions to the most complex problems, we assist organisations in managing and/or mitigating the issues and challenges they are facing. We work with the aviation, aerospace and defence industry to support organisations improve operational performance, reduce cost, improve quality of service and embrace innovation.

Our support comprises:

We offer guidance and assistance on the following key business transformation processes:

  • Making operations & supply Chains as efficiency and effective as possible, through:
    • Process Improvement.
    • Asset Optimisation.
    • Operational planning & support.
    • Business intelligence.
    • Metric Management.
    • Lean Operations & Operational Excellence.
  • Embracing technology & Innovation adoption, including:
    • Internet of Things.
    • Artificial Intelligence & advanced analytics.
    • Blockchain.
    • Automation & Robotics.
    • Energy-efficient products & commodities.
  • Demand Forecasting & Alignment to ensure efficient utilisation of people, assets & inventory, balancing service standards & working capital to reduce operating costs and exceed customer expectations.
  • Rationalising portfolios, revitalising or disposing of poorly performing businesses and acquiring positions in new growth areas.
  • Outsourcing, insourcing and third / fourth party operations provision & transition.
  • Strategic planning and deployment including transformation, restructuring and post-merger integration support.
  • Supporting companies through leadership transition, facilitating seamless handover and succession planning.
  • Leading capability development and the provision of specialist interim resource to underpin capability and capacity gaps.


Our support & expertise spans the breadth & depth of the industry, encompassing:

  • Domestic & international airlines.
  • Airports & Airbases.
  • Cargo & freight forwarding specialists.
  • Space tourism & exploration companies.
  • Military, security & defence organisations.
  • Maintenance & repair contractors.
  • Equipment financing & leasing companies.
  • Electronic, technology & specialist component providers.
  • Urban mobility providers.
  • Policy makers & governors.
  • Key stakeholders.

Regardless of your starting point or intended end goal, we help you achieve more.


The team identified key enhancement opportunities and  got  to  grips  with  the  main  drivers  in  the business,  putting  in  place  improved  management structures  and  processes  in  the  aim  of  optimising operations. They generated necessary  changes  in  our business, which  have  set  the  path  for  improved performance.

Operations Director
Aviation Maintenance

The teams knowledge and expertise helped us to transform our global supply chain. The programme was fundamental in identifying much needed efficiencies and cost savings within our supply chain.

Programme Director
Aviation & Defence Provider

The integration, involvement and information collaboration between Procurement and IT has facilitated improved team working and planning across the organisation.

Programme Director
International Airline

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Flying High.

A major international airline based in Asia, comprising passenger and cargo services to 180 destinations across 44 countries. It operates a range of aircraft, carrying 27m passengers and 1.8m tons of cargo and mail per annum.


An example of our Interim Management Professionals, adept in supporting clients in solving problems, managing complex challenges and delivering sustainable change.

Ian Chambers

David Axon

Claire Schneider-Williams




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