Middle East Retailer Promotes Team Development

A market leading UAE retailer of consumer goods including foodstuffs and household items.

The business operation is channeled through ten stand-alone sites and two substantial shopping malls.

Local warehousing facilities handle the flow of stock into all retail sites.


An immediate requirement for a programme of Lean Six Sigma coaching to both Green and Black Belt level to drive and support organisational efficiency.

A requirement for bespoke courses underwritten by a recognised certifying body and delivered by UK based professional training consultants who understand current theory and are experienced in its practical application.


Develop a bespoke Lean Six Sigma coaching programme specifically for the target audience which relates directly to the delegate’s work experience.

Deliver the coaching through highly interactive sessions comprising a mixture of teaching and practical exercises based on real-life situations, to aid and reinforce tool usage, whilst developing the way delegate’s view their roles within the organisation.

Create a selection process to develop and review improvement projects, prior to the coaching sessions, in order to ensure appropriate focus and reinforce learning, whilst also delivering tangible, sustainable benefits for the clients organisation.

Provide constant feedback and close support to delegate’s and their managers through the coaching and beyond to ensure projects remain connected to the business strategy, are completed promptly and that the appropriate Lean Six Sigma expertise is appropriately applied in achieving the stated project objectives.


A positive, sustainable return on investment within 3 months of training project completion.

A motivated, certified internal resource which can effectively deliver further Continuous Improvement projects.

Plans to develop a training academy supported by Linea to facilitate further staff development within the organisation.

“I enjoyed the programme and thought that the coach explained content very well. We will be able to improve our operation with this knowledge” Retail Manager




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