Ian Chambers

Ian Chambers

A “Transformation Catalyst” supporting organisations that require strategic direction, accelerated performance and cultural change, adopting a holistic approach to deliver improved financial, operational and quality outcomes.

A Business Improvement specialist with over 20 years’ experience devising and leading complex Operational and Financial Turnaround, Transformation and Continuous Improvement Programmes. Ian has held numerous board and senior advisory positions across various industry sectors and is an approved member of Government and corporate turnaround panels.

Ian’s background in Change Management, Lean Transformation, Financial & Commercial Management, Supply Chain / Procurement Optimisation and Programme Delivery was gained working with leading UK and International Public and Private sector organisations.

An expert in delivering sustainable operational improvement and financial balance in challenging situations, Ian possess an extensive track record of devising, managing and implementing comprehensive, multi-million-pound, cross organisational transformation and continuous improvement programmes for Public and Private organisations.

Ian founded Linea in 2003 and operates as CEO assisting organisations to resolve complex problems such as Underperformance, Stagnation, Crisis & Distress.




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