Dr Dina Omar Ismail

Dina received her Bachelor Degree in Medicine followed by post graduate studies in Cardiology and Hospital Management; which led her to become a teaching staff in Beirut Arab University in Lebanon for Medicine and Dentistry Students, as well as a visiting Lecturer of Health Management in the Future University of Egypt for undergraduates in the Faculty of Economic and Political Science.

Dina has assumed several consultancy responsibilities all over the world in the fields of Health Care and Social Protection including being a Social Protection Consultant for the World Bank since 2014 working on Disability and Social Protection Reforms in Egypt and KSA in addition to being a consultant for the Moroccan Ministry of Health and Al Hassan II University and Hospital in Fes, she was also a consultant for the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity involved the renovation of rehabilitation offices across Egypt and the Egyptian Ministry of Planning assigned to the development of the National Health Services Plan using data from the 2017 Consensus.

In 2019, she was involved with the WHO and the Egypt Ministry of Health in the first steps of the establishment of the National Health Insurance System and was involved with a British Company “Escalla – UK” to provide consultations and capacity building for the Saudi Ministry of Health.

Her interest and passion for social work and development has led to Dina working closely with different Healthcare Institutions, Social and Civic Society Organisations. In addition to being a co-founder and advisor for different NGOs and Foundations worldwide including Misr El Kheir and Envision Foundation for Scientific Research in Egypt, YIRI Foundation in Luxembourg, Leilah Foundation in Monaco, Dina has recently been appointed as a senior consultant of Disability with League of Arab States responsible for disability reforms across Arab States.




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