Outstanding Success with Healthtrust Europe Consultancy Framework

Complex change and accelerated performance specialists, Linea has been successfully appointed as a preferred supplier on the Healthtrust Europe Consultancy and Advisory Services Framework.

The Healthtrust Europe Consultancy and Advisory Services tender exercise was designed to support the NHS and other Public Sector Organisations in managing the dynamics of the consultancy market, offering a simple, compliant route for the procurement of a range of expert consultancy services at competitive rates. It offers users the flexibility of allowing both direct call-off and further competition under the provisions of the framework agreement.

Linea received excellent scores through the procurement exercise, enabling us to maintain our place on the framework and join a short and esteemed list of approved suppliers including organisations such as PWC, Grant Thornton, Deloitte and KPMG on the list of approved providers. 

The framework will run for a period of four years, providing support to the public sector and private sector entitles with similar procurement requirements.

Linea has been approved to provide services across four key lots:

  • Business Consultancy Services – comprising process redesign & improvement, programme & project management and management consultancy services.  For which, a score of 77.54% was achieved.

  • Resource Management Services – comprising Human Resource Management and Workforce Optimisation services. For which, a score of  79.76% was achieved.

  • Supply Chain Management Services – comprising advisory services for sourcing, procurement and supply chain management. For which, a score of 79.57% was achieved.

  • Financial Consultancy Services – comprising financial management, financial strategy and financial planning. For which, a score of 81.53% was achieved.

Linea CEO, Ian Chambers said, ‘Linea has been an approved supplier under the Healthtrust Europe consultancy framework since its inception in 2012, aimed at supporting organisations through complex change and transformation’.

‘Our scores through this framework evidence our expertise in supporting UK & International public sector clients with complex challenges.

I am delighted that we are able to continue to offer clients quick and easy access to our innovative and cost effective solutions aimed at improving organisational efficiency & best practice through this extremely flexible and compliant procurement framework’.

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