Linea’s CEO Gains IFT Accreditation

Linea’s CEO, Ian Chambers has become an official member of the Institute For Turnaround following successful completion of their rigorous application process.

The IFT is Europe’s leading representative body for accredited turnaround & transformation professionals providing those suitably qualified & experienced with a recognised and unique accreditation.

Membership provides access to a sharing, learning and inspiring community of high quality professionals and ones whose influence extends far beyond its numbers.

The IFT’s vision is to be the de facto voice of turnaround and transformation with members operating in situations requiring rapid, profound and radical change.

In order to become accredited, turnaround and transformation must be an individual’s chosen path and prospective members have to satisfy evidence-based assessment of no fewer than three independently verifiable case studies, be professional recommended by two existing turnaround specialists and undergo a rigorous interview with existing IFT members.




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