Linea Awarded to Management Consultancy Two

Linea awarded to Management Consultancy Framework Two by Crown Commercial Service.

Linea announced today that it has been approved to provide Business consultancy services and Procurement, supply chain and commercial consultancy services under the new Management Consultancy Framework 2 (MCF2). The approval means that public sector organisations will be able to procure Linea support directly or via mini competition.

MCF2 has been launched to provide both Central Government and the wider Public Sector access to business consultancy advice and delivery.

MCF2 is projected to be worth over £2 billion, pertaining to business consultancy, procurement, supply chain, & commercial consultancy, complex & transformation consultancy and strategic consultancy services.

The business consultancy services lot (often referred to as management consulting) is expected to facilitate c.£800m of business and comprises advisory and implementation services to the senior management of organisations with the aim of improving the effectiveness of business strategy, organisational performance and operational processes.”

The lot dedicated to procurement, supply chain, and commercial consultancy services comes with a forecast expenditure of £250m. Suppliers in this lot will consult government on complex commercial procurement transactions, and strategic, operational, and dedicated large-scale deployments.

Linea Group CEO, Ian Chambers said, ‘We are delighted to be awarded to MCF2. We have been supporting the public sector with complex change, accelerated performance and continuous improvement for over a decade. This framework provides clients quicker & easier access to our specialist services’.




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