Nursing Directorate Implement New Skills

Working with a large UK based healthcare organisation providing an extensive range of acute healthcare services across several hospital locations.


Engage employees to identify cost saving initiatives and operational performance improvements, to support the organisations Cost Improvement Programme (CIP).

Create and deliver a Leadership Development Programme that would appeal to both managers and clinician leaders.

Provide ward managers and associated members of staff with Lean tools and concepts that can be practically applied within clinical environments, complementing the existing Productive Wards Programme.


Create a coaching package focussed around Lean, effective management and best practice principles; targeting matrons and ward managers with no previous experience of ‘Lean’ or performance improvement.

Reinforce and correlating the need to maximise quality, drive efficiency and manage operational within budget.

Use practical simulations to support the theory, and the application of tools and techniques within clinical environments.

Present examples based on healthcare experiences with interactive discussions.

Improve knowledge of patient pathways and the ability to identify wasteful activities within the pathway.


Successful Leadership Development Programme delivered.

100% of candidates felt the course was effective (scoring 8.8 /10).

100% candidates felt the concepts could be applied in their speciality.

100% candidates took away key learning points.

Good interaction and positive feedback on the effectiveness of simulations.

Common ward issues captured and discussed with  Nursing Directorate to drive improved care.

“The Leadership Development programme has been invaluable in equipping the ward managers with the tools and techniques required to enable them to identify and remove time wasting activities, which will reduce costs and releases time to improve patient focused care. Everyone enjoyed the programme and the Nursing Directorate are keen to implement the new skills they have learnt.” Director of Nursing




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