Managed Service Provider Outsources Transformation

We were engaged to provide transformation support to an organisation, which provides specialist outsourced managed services to public and private sector clients in the UK.  Based in South West England with a turnover of £60m, it supports clients manage HR, Finance, Technology, and Procurement processes, operating from three offices across the UK.


The organisation struggled to achieve key financial and operational metrics and was facing pressure from a range of key stakeholders.  They also faced a culture that wasn’t proactive or conducive to the organisations growth plans, having inherited staff from clients as part of the outsourcing process.


Change Management

Undertook a situation appraisal, encompassing; a detailed assessment of the efficiency plan, associated risks and key underperformance drivers.

Developed an improvement programme outlining work streams, approach, key risks, KPIs, delivery support mechanisms, supported by the development of a PMO, programme team, programme metrics, and governance structure.

Agreed an improved financial position and operational performance with key stakeholders.

Devised a revised strategy with the executive team and supported its deployment.

Developed an internal improvement approach, training & coaching the executive and management team in its use.

Financial & Operational

Development and implementation of robust plans to deliver the required financial and operational improvements. This involved the development, implementation and ongoing management of an organisation-wide Improvement Programme, focused on reducing costs and maximising productivity across the following executive lead work streams:

  • HR & recruitment
  • Financial transactions
  • Procurement & supplier management
  • Technology and communications
  • Strategy and planning

Key to the improvements was changing the culture of the organisations and empowering the team to drive innovation and improvement, supporting the delivery of 50 individuals projects (forming the overall programme) which where management led, with coaching support.

Stakeholder Interface

Development and management of programme reporting systems providing assurance to key stakeholders based on principals of collating individual project charters and A3 documentation, supported by a programme review hierarchy.

Implementation of various interventions to improve grip & control and enhance governance.

Chair operational & performance meetings to focus programme and achieve objectives.

Provided advice, clarity and challenge to the Trust Board, Senior Management Team and Operational Divisions.

Developed an internally branded improvement programme aligned to the strategy and focused on achieving the desired culture and outcomes.


Development of robust strategy, supported by improvement programme, aligned to training and coaching to transfer knowledge and build internal capability.

36 staff trained to C.I. Practitioner level and 15 trained to C.I. Lead level.

Sponsorship engagement sessions delivered for the ‘Executive Team’.

Bespoke downloadable C.I. Training / Reference material made available in support of a further planned programme of internalisation.

48 active ‘single function’ and 2 substantial ‘cross functional’ projects identified, prioritised, planned and completed with Linea support.

£1m of C.I. savings identified and delivered through the programme within 6 months.

“Linea’s support & approach enabled us to develop a robust & sustainable C.I Programme which transferred knowledge to our team, promoting efficiency and cost reduction through cultural change. Linea staff combined academic knowledge, practical experience and hands on support in their work.” Director of Innovation




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