International Police Force Commission Excellence

Supporting one of the world’s leading and technically advanced Police Forces, based in the Middle East. They protect a population of 2.8m, across an area of 4114 square kilometres, via a dedicated workforce of 24k staff, providing a wide and varied range of policing services.  The organisation comes under the jurisdiction of the country’s ruler.


Adherence to the Government Excellence Improvement Programme which is aligned to EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) principles.

Further improve the organisation in preparation and realisation of the countries strategic plan in 3 years time.

Commander in Chief’s desire to showcase the organisations expertise both locally and globally through competition and award recognition.

The client required support in further developing their EFQM expertise, with the development of a comprehensive and first class submission document in very short timeframes and preparation of the organisations data, processes, staff and leaders for a rigorous onsite assessment.



Undertake an investigation and observation of the client operations in liaison with their internal improvement unit.

Review submission documents used for previous local award processes to obtain suitable material.

Conduct a gap analysis and identify the areas requiring rapid improvement, both in terms of physical processes and supporting information.

Request key information and data from various departments across the organisation, supporting them with the analysis, correlation and use of materials to understand issues and corrective actions.

Develop data sets and create graphical representations of performance and benchmarking information to evidence key elements of the submission document.

Use a tried and tested template to produce several successive drafts of a submission document for review and enhancement with senior officers and internal consultants.

Agree and submit the final version to EFQM for review and assessment.


Develop presentations with departments, supported by key data sets to evidence best practice, Improvement capability and alignment to the submission document.

Support the team to rapidly address any gaps or potential areas of non-conformance.

Conduct awareness sessions for senior officers on how to manage the EFQM site visit to ensure successful presentation of the organisations level of excellence to the assessors.

Deliver a briefing on the EFQM Excellence Model and the assessment process to internal staff and external staff from key agencies, such as PR.



First class EFQM submission document, completed and filed in significantly short time frames, resulting in short-listing for future assessment.

Achieved the highest score of all the organisations shortlisted,  globally through the assessment process.

Nominated as finalist in the 2018 Global Excellence Awards, winning the Succeeding through the Talent of People & Sustaining Outstanding Results Award.

Organisation highly commended for their best practice processes and overall excellence.

The Linea Team were very experienced, diligent and hardworking.  They achieved great results in difficult circumstances and under significant time pressures.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Linea to other organisations that require consultancy support either in the UAE or elsewhere.” Deputy Commander in Chief




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