Financial Institution – Lean Transformation

Our client is a Greek subsidiary of a US Financial Services organisation. As the largest global supplier of merchant services, it provides a range of support services to financial institutions and blue chip companies throughout EMEA managing £56bn of transactions per annum.


The client needed to improve its key value streams.

Current operations lacked control, which added to waste, cost and lead-time. 

It wanted to define and scope the key components of the transformation programme.

It needed a business case and clear direction for implementation.


Improve production planning, productivity and capacity.

Lead a business workshop to raise the profile of the issues and to identify solutions.

Combine separate production sites into one.

Improve the understanding of the organisational strategy and translation into the business units.

Improve purchasing process lead-time.

Facilitate kaizen rapid improvement events to deliver immediate efficiency and change. 


Developed specific targets to drive performance and highlight problems under 42 production failure categories.

Developed a Sales and Operations Planning system linking sales requirements with the required manufacturing output.

Introduced Lean and Six Sigma principles and techniques into operations to improve performance and prepare for the co-location of production sites.

Introduced supplier framework agreements to manage suppliers and improve responsiveness.

Increased inbound and outbound call centre volume  throughout EMEA.

Improved knowledge base of call centre staff through regular training, service reviews and new product development sessions.

Developed a call centre skills profile and a robust recruitment procedure.

The team’s knowledge and professionalism enabled them to overcome cultural differences to deliver an outstanding piece of work which enabled us to make some rapid improvements, whilst restructuring our business for future challenges.” Performance Improvement Director




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