Excellence Conference Challenges Convention

Assisting a prominent professional institute representing excellence and performance improvement in the UK.  They are an independent and not-for-profit organisation with an extensive track record of helping organisations learn from best practice, improve their performance and achieve sustainable excellence.


The client wanted to facilitate a conference which inspired the membership to take a different perspective and challenge traditional convention.   Engaging attendees through a mix of theory and practical examples in order to facilitate knowledge transfer through interactive learning.

The event needed to align to the theme of Doing More with less” Eliminating Waste, Delighting Customers, Involving People.


We developed and delivered an interactive conference to the membership focused around the following themes:

Lean & Six Sigma in the real world.  Building a successful and sustainable Operational Excellence programme from the bottom up.

Creating a joined up programme which delivers real and sustainable benefits through careful planning and effective execution.

Sharing a pragmatic approach to the creation of an effective and sustainable Operational Excellence (O.E.) programme, which delivers outstanding results for both SMEs and multi-nationals across sectors.

Generating support for organisation-wide change and O.E. – incorporating; installing programme support, choosing the right training, selecting the right areas for improvement, monitoring programme performance,  building momentum and ultimately, achieving self sufficiency through O.E.

Assessing common mistakes at various stages, illustrated by real life examples, and how to avoid falling into the same traps.

The conference was supported by interactive workbooks and training materials detailing best practice models, approaches and examples.  We also provided a team of O.E. Specialists to facilitate the event


A successful conference, supporting further learning and network interaction.  It received great feedback and was an active element in membership retention.

The feedback was extremely positive and I’m really grateful for all your help and support.  We are reviewing our membership engagement programme to incorporate more Linea facilitated events.  Thank you for all your efforts.” Chief Executive




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