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Supporting one of the largest acute healthcare teaching trusts in the UK, with a budget of £650m, providing over 100 clinical services.

The Patient Contact Centre (PCC) receives call from patients wishing to book an outpatient clinic appointment following GP referral. The PCC coordinates all calls relating to initial appointment booking, further queries, cancellations & rebooking and adding patient details onto the patient administration system.


High level of abandoned calls – up to 40%.

Patients endure long waiting times – up to 20 minutes.

Poor morale due to irate callers, and a lack of focus.

Large variation in operator performance.


Model call volume and operator productivity.

Apply Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

Identify reasons for demand and assess the various call types by reason code.

Review call structure and assess ways to reduce call length through the use of techniques such as closed questions.

Present findings back to the team during an ‘away day event’.

Introduce standard call script, and standardise training.

Monitor and manage staff performance levels.

Introduce the ability for staff to input patient reference numbers or hospital numbers prior to connection.

Develop visual electronic display board to inform the team of hourly targets and performance.


38% improvement in call productivity.

10% additional capacity created, generating business development opportunities.

£350k saved from the mitigation of weekend working.

Reduced overly excessive data assurance checks, achieving a further 22% improvement in productivity and 60% of additional capacity.

Outlined a £6k upgrade to the IT system to achieving a further 7% improvement in productivity.

“The work undertaken has confirmed what we suspected, identifying and delivering efficiencies and savings. The Away day was a real success, with great staff feedback and an excellent outcome.” Deputy Director of Operations




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