Clinical Efficiency & Fiscal Control

We were engaged by an integrated healthcare organisation providing care in the community at over 20 health centres & clinics. It also provides district & school nursing services, and runs a large acute hospital. The Trust has an income of £290m and is a centre of excellence for maternity, neonatal and children’s services.


The Trust was struggling to achieve its financial obligations and deliver key operational metrics.

Central to these challenges was the Acute Adult Care Division which struggled to balance its financial position, due to operational pressures and costs resulting from poor patient flow.

Linea was engaged to provide executive support focused on improving financial control and operational performance.


Devised and implemented a clinically led programme of initiatives to improve Length of Stay (LoS) and Patient Flow.

Devised the Trust’s Urgent Care Programme to prevent future issues during periods of peak demand.

Developed financial information packs, meeting structure and chaired accountability meetings to drive improvement and facilitate change

Developed, segregated and communicated a £4.1m CIP programme; complete with targets, work streams and governance mechanisms

Reallocated  income  to  improve  the  accuracy  of  Business  Unit  SLM  positions,  enabling  support  effort  and accountability to be appropriately focused

Undertook  an  in-depth  budget  line  assessment  of  Specialist  Medicine  identifying  savings  of  c.£1.0m  with further considerable savings available within the business unit and across the division

Reviewed  nursing  bank  and  agency  costs  and  root-causes  of  use,  identifying  savings  of  c.£0.2m  within Specialist Medicine, with further similar savings available across the Trust.


Identified efficiencies and savings of £4.6m (115% of target), of which £1.4m (35%) was delivered prior to the financial year commencing.

Linea provided sound support, advice & challenge to the division, enabling a robust CIP to be developed and a number of longstanding issues to be resolved. The approach was calm, professional, thorough & detail driven, enabling ease of decision making. I would recommend them to other organisations requiring transformation support.” Divisional Director – Adult Acute Care




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