Aspire For Greatness

Connect’s launch event inspires greatness!

Linea CEO, Ian Chambers & guest speaker, Rory Underwood, MBE

Linea Connect launched its series of exciting and interactive events in February, with Aspire for Greatness in Liverpool, supported by guest speakers Rory Underwood MBE, Lifestyle Coach John Haynes and Linea CEO, Ian Chambers.

The theme ‘Aspire for Greatness’ was focused on embracing life’s challenges as an opportunity for self-improvement and supported learning to overcome challenges and  enable continued personal development.

As a central hub for Northern business leaders, Liverpool was the perfect location for the event, which proved highly successful and was well attended.

The inspiring and fascinating talks given by Rory Underwood MBE and John Hayes were well received by the multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral audience, who agreed that the event was a rousing success.

The talk given by Mr Underwood focused, not on the rugby career he is famous for but his 18 years serving in the Royal Air Force; emphasising the importance of working as a team, changing poor behaviours and consistent training and development, the points Rory himself had applied to his careers in the RAF, rugby and in his consultancy business.

The presentations were followed by an opportunity for the business leaders and professionals in attendance to network, providing a great opportunity for knowledge transfer, network interaction and building new relationships.

Linea CEO, Ian Chambers said ‘It was great to be joined by so many business leaders and an honour to hear such inspirational presentations. Thank you to all who attended the event. Connect was developed to  assist business professionals to achieve more through knowledge exchange and relationship facilitation. I think our first launch event achieved just that.’

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